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Are football shirts a good investment?

Are football shirts a good investment?

What is the value of a football shirt, and is it a good investment?

Football shirts are more than just clothing for players on the field. They are an important part of a club's identity, and are worn by fans all over the world. This makes them a powerful marketing tool for clubs, which earn millions of euros per year from sponsorship and merchandising.

But football shirts are also popular among collectors and fans who see them as a kind of possession. Some football shirts have even become valuable collectible items, with prices running into the thousands of euros. This makes them a potential investment for people interested in the value of football shirts.

However, there are a number of factors to consider when assessing the value of a football shirt.

- Authenticity: you obviously want to be sure that the shirt is authentic at all.

- Year: the older the shirt the higher the value (in most cases)

- Stands: A shirt from 2003 that is in excellent condition naturally increases its value considerably. 

- Signed / match worn: these shirts, depending on the player, are worth the most.

- Availability: the more shirts available, the less the value. That is why older shirts are often more expensive. Fake shirts were also produced about 1000 times less before 2010 than today, the mass production of the present will greatly reduce their value in the future. 

- Popularity of the club: A large following and/or a rich history and a prestigious image (obviously) play a role.

- Event / emotional value: a shirt that is linked to a special event, for example a signed + matchworn shirt of Lionel Messi in the World Cup final in 2022, is of course such an incredibly emotional event for many people that such a shirt could easily be auctioned for 50,000 euros .

In summary, football shirts can definitely be a good investment and above all it is very easy to predict whether the value of a shirt will increase as the years go by.

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