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The Warmest Giveaway

The Warmest Giveaway

At Mystershirt we are not only passionate about football, but also about creating a safe place for every child and young person. Our commitment to this mission stems from the fact that the majority of our team members are young people themselves. Actively contributing, we strive to support fellow young people in growing up in an environment where they feel safe and have the opportunity to take confident steps and make their dreams come true.


Mystershirt and The Warmest Week

During The Warmest Week of 2023, Mystershirt not only ignited in the world of football, but also in supporting young people who grow up without worries. This year we actively participated in The Warmest Week, where we donated €0.50 per participation in our Warmest Giveaway to this charity.

(The Warmest Week is VRT's solidarity campaign, which is organized annually in the week before Christmas, from December 18 to 24.)


The result? In just 24 hours, no fewer than 2,238 football fans participated in our campaign, with which we were able to present an impressive check for 1,119 euros to De Warmste Week in Bruges. This amount will contribute to the total amount raised of 8,790,633 euros during The Warmest Week 2023, specifically intended to support growing up without worries.


A Safe Future for Young People

At Mystershirt we strongly believe in creating an environment where young people can thrive without having to worry. Through our active involvement in The Warmest Week, we have not only provided financial support, but also created awareness about the importance of a safe childhood for every child.


We are convinced that giving young people opportunities to grow up in a positive environment will positively influence not only their present, but also their future. Just as we took entrepreneurial steps and pursued our dreams at a young age, we strive to expand these opportunities for other young people as well.


Thanks to Our Community

Our mission to create a safe place for every child and young person would not be possible without the incredible support of our community. The 2,238 football fans who took part in our Warmest Giveaway have not only helped raise financial support, but also spread awareness of this important issue.


On behalf of the entire Mystershirt team, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to creating a safer future for young people.


Towards a Safe Future

Mystershirt remains committed to a safe future for every child and young person. We are committed to actively contributing to initiatives that promote youth well-being, and we look forward to more opportunities to engage our community in this important mission.


Together we fight for a safe place where young people can grow up without worries, and Mystershirt will continue to contribute to a positive change in the lives of the next generations. Thank you for your support and cooperation towards a safe future for every child and young person. 🔥


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