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How did you wash a football shirt?

How did you wash a football shirt?

How did you wash a football shirt?
with a washing machine

  1. Treat stains before washing
    Remove the grass, blood, or food stains from the shirt before throwing it in the washing machine. Wet the stain with cold water and apply a stain remover of your choice. 
  1. Place your shirt inside out in the washing machine
    This serves to protect patches, logos or other stitching from damage.
    PS: It is not recommended to wash together with other garments.

  2. Turn on the washing machine (maximum 40 degrees)
    Use it lightest washing program with cold water to prevent damage (the shirt may fade, shrink or become damaged by heat).
  1. Use a correct detergent
    Wash the shirt with a bleach-free and color safe powder detergent for best results. Several liquid detergents contain ingredients that are harmful to polyester shirts.
  1. After washing, remove the shirt from the machine and dry it
    Turn the shirt back to the right side out and let it dry in natural air, not in direct sunlight/daylight. The use of a tumble dryer is not recommended! 

Tip 1: It is better not to iron a football shirt because of the sensitive fabric.

Tip 2: Hang the shirt on a hanger to get any creases out completely.


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